What's an "EvQ"?

(like IQ, but for Evangelism)

Have you ever found yourself thinking....

  • I feel I should share my faith, but I don't know how?

  • How can I have better gospel conversations with friends?

  • How can my public talks have greater gospel punch?

EvQ has tailored programmes for where you are at in your evangelism journey

  • Targeted Training Courses

    Upskill: Online and in-person with world-class evangelists with decades of experience

  • Personal Mentoring

    Get the support and guidance you need with an expert who will encourage and pray with you.

  • Evangelistic Community

    Join a community of like-hearted evangelists, passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus in different ways.

Meet Team EvQ

Tim Chen, EvQ Programme Manager

Our team are from different backgrounds, but they share these things in common: They love sharing Jesus with many across varying audiences; They all have a heart to share their skills and experience to grow the EvQ of others; They are themselves always looking to grow their own EvQ.

Our EvQ Trainers

Experts who teach from lived experience

‎‎‏‏‏‏‎We have a  growing community of trainers - already our  EvQ mentees have heard from the likes of Sam Chan, Max Jaganathan, Julie-Anne Laird, Glen Scrivener, Rebecca McLaughlin, and many more...

EvQ Head Trainer & Mentor

Sam Chan

Sam is also an Evangelist, Author, Public Speaker, Doctor, Husband and Father. His hobbies are crosswords, BBQ and brewing. Sam loves inspiring, equipping, and empowering the next generation of evangelists at EvQ

EvQ Mentor and Trainer

Julie-Anne Laird

Julie-anne is also a Natural Evangelist, Public Speaker, Wife and Mother. Julie-anne enjoys bike riding, kayaking and hanging out with family and friends. Julie-anne loves mentoring and training evangelists by conveying her natural joy in sharing her faith.

EVQ "In Tune" Instructor

Max Jeganathan

Max is also an EvQ Trainer, Apologist, Public Speaker, Former Lawyer and Political Advisor and family man. He loves movies, enjoying a wine with friends, and going to the beach with his family. Max is excited to be equipping our EvQ community for conversations on current affairs and contemporary issues by applying the relevance and truth of the Christian message to what's happening in the world today.

Our EvQ Mentors

(a few of many!)

Every year we are growing our cohort of mentors to journey one-on-one with participants, including Karen Morris, Judy Douglas, and James Veltmeyer.

EvQ Mentor

Karen Morris

Karen is an evangelist. She also loves making things with her hands, “upcycling”, body surfing, and snorkelling. Karen loves training Natural evangelists, interacting, supporting, sharing ideas, reading books together, and connecting with someone on the same page is always fun.

EvQ Mentor

James Veltmeyer

As one of our newest mentors here at EvQ, James is keen to be "living and breathing" in the world of evangelism!!! A builder by trade, and a family man who loves coaching kids sport, surfing and bodyboarding, enjoying breakfast with the wide and walking his golden retriever Billie!

EvQ Mentor

Judy Douglas

Judy is an evangelist, who also loves swimming in any kind of water, and is a trained opera singer who loves playing guitar and leading worship. She also likes being outdoors walking or working in the garden. Judy is a relational evangelist who builds relationships with friends, colleagues and community contacts - she's keen to teach and share how she does this at EvQ.

Our EvQ Programmes

Which one is right for you?

Natural Evangelist

For keen evangelists wanting to invest the time to grow

"I'm keen to invest in my evangelism development. I want to build upon my gifts and experiences to reach more enquirers more effectively."

Public Evangelist

"I'm keen to further improve my public speaking ministry. I want to faithfully hone my craft and build the platforms God has given me to effectively bring the gospel to various audiences."