What is the Public Evangelist Programme?

Finding your voice in the public sphere

  • Bespoke consultation for your public evangelism opportunities and gifts

  • 12 one-to-one coaching sessions with an EVQ public evangelist mentor

  • Realtime classes and intensive with expert trainers including Sam Chan

Meet your EVQ Public Evangelist Mentors

EvQ Head Trainer & Mentor

Sam Chan

Sam is also an Evangelist, Author, Public Speaker, Doctor, Husband and Father. His hobbies are crosswords, BBQ and brewing. Sam loves inspiring, equipping, and empowering the next generation of evangelists at EvQ

EvQ Mentor

Mark Leong

Mark is also an Evangelist, Public Speaker, Husband and Father. His hobbies are watching sports, gardening and BBQing. Mark finds it uplifting to see someone stand up and stand out for Jesus and loves supporting mentees to grow their EvQ!

What's Included?

The Public Evangelist Programme

  • Public Speaking Consultation

    Personalised consultation and feedback for your public speaking talks. Find your voice and hone your presentation to engage minds and hearts.

  • One-on-One Mentoring

    12 sessions with an experienced EVQ mentor to develop and work towards your learning goals, and support you in prayer.

  • Grow your Platform

    Understand your audience and discover more opportunities around you to speak and share the truth, beauty and goodness of the gospel!

  • A Community of Evangelists

    Join a community of like-hearted evangelists growing in their ability to communicate the gospel to audiences.

  • Realtime Classes plus Intensive

    All realtime classes from the Natural Evangelist Programme plus an in-person intensive: EPIC (Evangelistic Preaching in a Complex world) with Sam Chan

Develop theological, cultural and practical skills and insight to speak into a complex world. The EPIC framework is the essential tool to help you grow in powerful and considered public evangelism.

The power to engage through public storytelling

Amy Brown

EPIC helped me in my public evangelism to really think through how to best structure a talk. I think it helps people really understand the point and reach a conclusion that changes the way they think or do things, and challenges them to keep investigating.

EVQ Public Evangelist FAQ

  • How is the Public Evangelist Programme different to the Natural Evangelist Programme?

    Whilst both the Public and Natural Evangelist Programmes offer the all-important one-on-one mentoring and mentee groups to help you shape and work towards specific evangelism goals, the Public Evangelist Programme also includes the additional benefit of Public Speaking Consultation, providing "hands-on" guidance and support to further enhance your preaching impact.

  • What happens in the One-on-One mentoring sessions?

    You will have 12 sessions with your EVQ public evangelism mentor over the course of the programme. When you're accepted into the programme, we’ll do our best to assign you a mentor who can help support you in your specific evangelism goals and opportunities.

  • What happens in the mentee catch-ups?

    Mentee catch-ups allow you to connect with other mentees who are taking the same classes and working through their goals. These catch-ups are great times to pray, connect and discuss common goals.

  • I can't make one of the Realtime sessions? Are they recorded?

    Yes! In the majority of cases the Realtime sessions are recorded and shared with participants. However, it’s worth noting that the value of joining the sessions is that you get the opportunity to ask our expert trainers lots of questions!

  • Which Live Classes do I get in this program?

    The Public Evangelist program includes the EPIC ( Evangelistic Preaching in a Complex world) An Introduction and "Half-time" and "Full-time" sessions with Sam Chan, "In Tune" with Max Jeganathan and other special events.

  • Got any other Questions?

    Contact us at [email protected]

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