Why this programme is different

a message from Sam Chan

What is the Natural Evangelist Programme?

Beyond training to personal development

  • 12 One-on-One Mentoring sessions with an experienced EvQ mentor

  • 12 Group mentee sessions with fellow evangelists

  • Regular Realtime online learning sessions with expert trainers

Meet our Diverse Growing pool of Mentors

One heart, vastly different backgrounds

Our team may all be from different backgrounds, but all share these things in common:

  • They love sharing Jesus with many across varying audiences;
  • They all have a heart to share their skills and experience to grow the EvQ of others;
  • They are themselves always looking to grow their own EvQ.

EvQ Mentor and Trainer

Julie-Anne Laird

Julie-anne is also a Natural Evangelist, Public Speaker, Wife and Mother. Julie-anne enjoys bike riding, kayaking and hanging out with family and friends. Julie-anne loves mentoring and training evangelists by conveying her natural joy in sharing her faith.

EvQ Head Trainer & Mentor

Sam Chan

Sam is also an Evangelist, Author, Public Speaker, Doctor, Husband and Father. His hobbies are crosswords, BBQ and brewing. Sam loves inspiring, equipping, and empowering the next generation of evangelists at EvQ

EvQ Mentor

Mark Leong

Mark is also an Evangelist, Public Speaker, Husband and Father. His hobbies are watching sports, gardening and BBQing. Mark finds it uplifting to see someone stand up and stand out for Jesus and loves supporting mentees to grow their EvQ!

EvQ Trainer and Mentor

Caroline Spencer

Caroline is an experienced trainer and mentor with decades of experience. Caroline loves multi-day hikes, smashing out a cracking dessert and having a wardrobe that is 99% handmade. Caroline loves seeing mentees develop and grow in their confidence and competence in evangelism.

EvQ Mentor

David Pitt

David is also an evangelist, trainer, husband and Father. His hobbies are running, swimming, the gym and walking the dog. David loves working with people who are keen to grow in their evangelism and committed to the process.

EvQ Mentor

Andrew Laird

Andrew is also an Evangelist, Trainer, Husband and Father. His hobbies are cycling, reading, cycling, watching AFL, cycling ( yes he put that twice) sndlistening to Nick Cave. Andrew loves to see people sharing their faith, especially as everyday evangelists (in their workplace, in their neighborhood, with their barista and so on), and seek to help them develop skills in this area.

EvQ Mentor

Karen Morris

Karen is an evangelist. She also loves making things with her hands, “upcycling”, body surfing, and snorkelling. Karen loves training Natural evangelists, interacting, supporting, sharing ideas, reading books together, and connecting with someone on the same page is always fun.

EvQ Mentor

Aaron Johnstone

Aaron is also an evangelist, husband and father. Aaron likes short, fast and loud punk music, a nice single malt whiskey and AFL and NBA (the two greatest sports in the world). Aaron is very excited to have the privilege of meeting other evangelists and hashing out ideas, sharpening one another, and providing guidance for those who are keen but green in their evangelism.

EvQ Mentor

Judy Douglas

Judy is an evangelist, who also loves swimming in any kind of water, and is a trained opera singer who loves playing guitar and leading worship. She also likes being outdoors walking or working in the garden. Judy is a relational evangelist who builds relationships with friends, colleagues and community contacts - she's keen to teach and share how she does this at EvQ.

EvQ Mentor

Grant Kennedy

Grant is an evangelist who also works as an electrical engineer. Grant has been enjoying lots of opportunities to read the Bible with a lot of different people on the road to meeting Jesus. Grant is excited to share how he starts conversations with his colleagues and gets to Bible reading.

EvQ Mentor

Grace Huang

An evangelist, who loves Wing Chun kung fu, playing the piano, and learning languages (lots of them!!!). She loves supporting "keen bean" Christians grow in their confidence and effectiveness in sharing Jesus with those around them.

EvQ Mentor

Dan Shepheard

An evangelist, who is passionate about working with other Christians to bring people to Jesus and let them hear how good He is. Like us all, he loves seeing people come into the kingdom. He's into long-distance running and playing the Harmonica.

From ZERO to ONE, and potentially more to come!


"Just taking the conversation to the next step has always been a struggle for me and what's really helped is the mentoring... I've just shared the Gospel, what do I do next?... That lead to me asking 'Do you want to read the bible about this topic, about that topic?'"

I have a BIGGER, BETTER Evangelism toolbox now!


"I feel like I have become more well rounded. Perhaps before I thought this is the technique, this is the way to do evangelism and maybe it's the way that God has used me in the past. But EvQ has shown me many ways to share the Gospel, not just one method. It's added many different tools to my toolbox! Overall, it's made me a humbler evangelist!"

I’m thankful to now be reading the Bible with a handful of enquirers!


The challenge for me was “How do I point people to Jesus?” Working through live examples with my mentor Karen, developing possible ways forward and most importantly through prayer, I’ve become more confident in sharing the Gospel with my friends.

What's included?

The Natural Evangelist Programme

  • One-on-One Mentoring

    12 sessions with an experienced EVQ mentor to develop and work towards your learning goals, and support you in prayer.

  • A Community of Evangelists

    Join a community of like-hearted evangelists sharing, praying and growing together to reach the lost more effectively

  • Realtime Classes

    Live classes with Sam Chan, Julie-Anne Laird, Max Jeganathan and more to upskill you in your evangelism

Time to get excited and prepared for our BIG year together. A must "come to" event to get all the ins & outs of the EvQ programme and meet your fellow peers and mentors!
If you have conversations about faith with friends and family but you're not sure how you arrived there. You might be a Natural evangelist. Come along to hone your skills and to honour God with the gift He's given you!
What a Natural Evangelist Needs to Know!
Join your fellow mentees and Sam Chan as he provides practical tips on how you can continue to grow your EvQ, as well as ask that burning question.
Half Time with Sam Chan
Keep your EvQ ".In Tune" with the hottest topics going around! Join Max and other gifted cultural apologists as they help you draw theological lines between some of the BIG topics of today and the Christian message.
Be encouraged, equipped and excited as Sam shares how you can continue to grow your EvQ well past the programme completion. Plus be welcomed into the BeyondEvQ alumni community!

EVQ Natural Evangelist Programme FAQ

  • What is the time commitment across the programme?

    “You get out what you put in!” There are ~47 hours across the Realtime online sessions, one-on-one mentoring and mentee group catch-ups.

  • I really want to join the programme, but the cost is a bit of a stretch right now. Are there flexible payment options?

    We certainly don’t want cost to be the barrier! We offer a range of interest free payment options, as well as.a “Support a mentee” option. For further information on this please contact [email protected]

  • What happens in the one-on-one mentoring sessions?

    You will have 12 sessions with your EVQ mentor over the course of the programme. When you're accepted into the programme, we’ll do our best to assign you a mentor who can help support you in your specific evangelism goals and opportunities.

  • What happens in the mentee catch-ups?

    Group Mentee catch-ups allow you to connect with other mentees to share, support, encourage, and pray together as you work towards your evangelism goals.

  • What Realtime sessions do I get in this programme?

    his programme includes "What a natural evangelist needs to know" with Julie-Anne Laird. “Welcome2EvQ”, "Half-time" and "Full-time" sessions with Sam Chan. "In Tune" with Max Jeganathan & Co, plus other special events.

  • I can’t make one of the Realtime sessions. Are they recorded?

    Yes! In the majority of cases the Realtime sessions are recorded and shared with participants. However, it’s worth noting that the value of joining the sessions is that you get the opportunity to ask our expert trainers lots of questions!

  • How is the Natural Evangelist different from the other EvQ programmes?

    The Natural Evangelist Programme is for people who want to grow their personal evangelism intentionally. We acknowledge that growing your EvQ takes time to truly make evangelism part of your DNA. This programme supports you through a unique mentoring programme that brings you into a community of skilled evangelists, combined with mentoring tools and Realtime sessions to grow your EvQ. If you want to improve your Public Speaking ministry then the Public Evangelist Programme is more targeted to your needs.

  • Got other questions?

    Contact us at [email protected]

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