Why this course?

Learn to use the Word 121 Tool in 3 sessions

  • Be convicted to Share the Bible with friends

  • Learn to use the Word 121 Tool

  • Build confidence to ask people to read the Bible with you

What you get

Enrolling in this course gives you 6 month access to the course

  • Convenient, mobile enabled course

  • Downloadable Booklet

  • Short, rich video content

  • Practical skills for discussions that get to God

Mark Leong


Mark Networks Team at City Bible Forum. Mark was a tax consultant with Ernst & Young before a career break became the career change. Now he gives talks, trains young workers and coaches apprentices with City Bible Forum.

Maddy Brown


Maddy was a civil engineer at a global consulting firm before going on a career break to work with City Bible Forum. Maddy works with a community of young workers called Headstart and loves to help those who are struggling through sharing her joy in God.

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